The Ministry of Bill & Grace Harding


Residing in Waxhaw, NC, Bill and Grace have a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ and have had the joy of serving Him with SIM for over three decades. They are committed to the local church and equipping the church for Great Commission impact.  They are family people with a great love for life and laughter. Having raised four kids and now with nine grand-kids,  life is full and fun!

Bill is currently SIM USA Director of Public Affairs serving as a a special representative for SIM in North America.  God is using Bill’s gifts and rich experience in Ethiopia as a conference speaker to challenge and reaffirm the priority of world missions.

His ministry focuses on mobilizing students, laymen, and churches to be part of God’s heartbeat for the nations. 

The ministry began in Ethiopia in 1983.   Because Ethiopia was a Soviet satellite under a communist dictatorship, Bill entered the country as a water engineer. Through drilling wells and capping springs in drought stricken Ethiopia, Bill was not only able to give clean physical water, but introduce many to the “Spring of Life” the Lord Jesus Christ. For nine years Bill and Grace served the Gedeo people of southern Ethiopia through a ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

Later, as Outreach Administrator for SIM-Ethiopia in the capital city of Addis Ababa, his main goal was to serve the Lord in facilitating the development and expansion of SIM’s overall outreach in cooperation with the Kale Heywet Churches , KHC (the SIM related churches which now number over eight thousand.)

Bill’s responsibilities included developing strategy and mobilizing resources to reach the unreached people groups of Ethiopia. Bill was involved in an extensive conference ministry, speaking in Amharic. He continues his conference ministry in Ethiopia.


While raising four kids in Africa, Grace served in a rewarding ministry of outreach to the Ethiopian community through Bible studies and her gifts of hospitality. Her love for the Lord and for people has not diminished but continues to grow as she speaks to women groups across North America, leads Bible studies and is passionate about inspiring healthy living around the world.


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From the Ministry Blog…

Remember This Picture?

The Report of the One Month of Evangelism Outreach prior to Graduation. Before they had the graduation celebration, each student was assigned to spend one month in the most feared neighboring tribe who have homicide historically built right into the culture for...
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32 Graduate from The Harding Bible School

Launching in to Mission During their final month of two years of Bible and church leadership training, these students in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia took on the big challenge of taking the gospel to one of the most feared tribes in Ethiopia. Definitely a cross-cultural...
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A STORY OF RECLAMATION God can use the small things in life, even a summer job! Give it all to Jesus! A great big thanks to Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN who have supported us financially and in prayer for 34 years. Their staff put this video...
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Every morning, in their daily devotions, Dad (89 in September) and his wife, Betty, pray for each of their kids and grand-kids by name. Betty needed a drink of water while dad was praying. She opened her eyes to reach for the glass and then could not resist taking...
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Yirgacheffe Mission Conference 2017

What an amazing outpouring of the Spirit of God in worship in remote Yirgachefe, Ethiopia! God was glorified in the commissioning of 20 Ethiopian cross-cultural China, Pakistan and other regions of the world. Eighty-four Ethiopian missionaries brought...
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Off to Ethiopia: A time to celebrate and worship.

THEN...1983...the church underground, intense persecution...drilling for water. In 1983 at the height of famine and drought crippling the country along with a ruthless communist dictatorship in power, God miraculously makes provision for our family to arrive in...
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THE BIRTH PLACE OF COFFEE! Yes, it was in Kafa province where coffee was first discovered and eventually put on donkey backs down to the Nile River to be taken to the rest of the world. Now a premium coffee sold at Starbucks and other coffee-houses around the world!...
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It is Christmas eve here in Waxhaw, NC and we wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS from our hearts to yours. Ours are so full of the blessing of rich friendships in you...children and grands who know the Jesus we celebrate this Christmas...and the joy of living on...
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Kyle and Margaret increase Harding tribe with twins! L-R William 3 yrs, Elizabeth Anne, Meri Mae  2 months, Maggie Grace 20 months and St. Bernard Stella. All anticipating Christmas! As you can imagine, Kyle and Margaret have their hands full and sleep is a rare thing...
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December 2016

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy for all we have in HIM! We were reminded again so vividly of the absolute privilege that has been ours after recently returning for almost a month in Ethiopia and South...
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